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Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Yes, it is safe to buy Instagram followers if you are purchasing free Instagram followers boost app by following the terms of service of the Instagram system. Your followers that you purchase with an online site need to be real followers, not bots. Purchasing bot follower’s for real cash is simply a waste of money.

The bot followers will unfollow you after a certain period. To avoid such risk and earn permanent followers, you need to choose a site that provides real followers. So, you will get more engaged with new users and increase your real followers by sharing your reels among the most watched and other public shares. But by choosing bot followers, you won’t get your post visible in a public post to other real followers.

If you are looking for a site to get more Instagram followers with real users to make your account like a celebrity, you need to choose a secure site like The site you choose needs to be a certified secure website and must provide a reputable payment option. To find a reputable site, choose a site with a good customer review and guarantee for the followers. So, you don’t need to worry about the followers in your account. The site also needs to have a customer support team to help you with different situations.

 Instagram Followers

Does it ban my account from Instagram?

No, purchasing online Instagram followers is similar to asking your friends and family to follow your account. Here, you are submitting your Instagram account to the Instagram follower’s site. They work for you to increase the followers on your account for real money. So, you don’t get banned by Instagram for getting more followers in a short time.

The number of followers you purchased will be added to your account in a short time. The legal site also provides you with some time limit to get followers into your account. Your account will be added to the number of followers in your Instagram account before the time limit ends. If you don’t get followers, you can get it reported, solve the issue with customer service and get help.

Once you have Instagram followers, use different popular hashtags to get more followers by expanding your social media reach with different new people. If you have more followers, your post will be shared automatically with the hashtag on the explore page. As you purchase real followers, there is no decrease in your followers after a week.