child who has adhd/add

How to cope with a child who has adhd/add?

As it is difficult as well as frustrating to cope with a child who has attentive deficient hyperactivity disorder because most of the times the child would not be listening to you, he/ she may not be paying attention to what you are saying, not focusing in his/her studies and much more. But, it has found out that the as soon as you recognize this disorder and starts the medication for it, there are more chances of success in the upcoming life of the child. Hence, it becomes a challenge for the parents to cope up with children who have such disorder. Some of the ways to handle them can be:

You need to provide your child with the extra guidance so that it becomes easy for him/her to follow the instructions and do the work easily. You need to show patience and extra support and care to the child who has this disorder. Always show the positive behavior and avoid exaggerating the things in front of them. Having a child with this disorder may even create few issues with you as they would not listen to your parental instructions at times and thus disobey you, may be disorganized at times and ignoring and annoying as well and thus you must be prepared to cope up with all this. Children with this disorder order are too impulsive in nature and tend to interrupt between conversations. They might disturb the things which are at place in home or in their schools and this may leads to physical danger at times. Thus, you must take care of all these things. Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to take care of your child and thus you must keep things in perspective as you must remember that your child is suffering from a disorder and he/she is not doing all these activities willingly. Believing in your child is another most important thing and you must make a list of things which are unique for your child.

child who has adhd/add

You must a regular routine for your child which would help them to stay organized. You can do all this by following certain activities such as:

  1. Use of clock and timers which would help the child to do his/her activities on time.
  2. Make sure that child doesn’t watches television all the time and doesn’t intake too much if caffeine in his/her diet.
  3. Encourage them to do regular exercise and meditation which would help them to feel relaxing.

This disorder would even have an impact on parents and affects them too in many ways. As the demands of the children with disorder are never ending and their attitude towards things may be frustrating and overwhelming and thus it can make you stressed as well as anxious and at times makes you feel guilty about your child. You must always remember that you are the biggest support for them who have help them to have a bright future ahead.