Basics of Bathroom Renovation!

Bathroom Redesign- A complete guide 

Entails more than simply replacing bathroom fixtures. A new design layout, relocation of existing fixtures, or the addition of new features such as a whirlpool, sauna, and steam room, walk-in shower, non-replacement windows, or skylights are typical.

 Establish a budget

 Calculate the expense of raw material, and then add a 10% cushion for unexpected costs. It’s common for damaged or outdated plumbing, electrical, or sub-flooring to go undetected until the bathroom redesign is well underway.

 Narrow down style and color palette

 Home magazines and blogs can provide design inspiration. Make a list to make it easier to organize your thoughts.

 Purchase products and materials

 Waiting for a particular element can cause the project to fall behind schedule. For tile or wall flooring projects, measure ahead of schedule and order all the necessary tiles at once. Large items, including the bathtub, should then be ordered at least a month ahead of time, with extra time for custom items.

 Replace or repair the subfloor

 A perfectly finished floor requires a solid, smooth surface. Imperfections in the subfloor can detract from the appearance and cause tile cracking.

 Update the electrical 

 Installing new light fixtures and outlets during a bathroom remodel is a great way to save money. A seasoned home improvement pro can add or relocate electrical outlets and other fixes.

Bathroom Redesign

 Install new drywall

 Patch the drywall as needed to fill holes and start over if the existing walls are still structurally sound and only need a fresh coat of paint. Use materials that designed to withstand wet conditions.

 Prime and paint the walls and ceiling

 Satin paints are much more long-lasting than eggshell paints and make a great bathroom choice. Check for a paint-and-primer-in-one alternative for a quicker application. To assist in finding the perfect color, large peel-and-stick samples are available.

 Install the plumbing fixtures

 The larger plumbing fixtures installed after the flooring and furniture. The vanity’s sinks and shower heads complete the look. The toilet is the final piece of lifting heavy objects in the bathroom remodel before it can turn the water back on.

 Add lighting, mirrors, and accessories

 Lighting, mirrors, equipment, and other bathroom accessories are available in several styles and finishes. Shop by collection, if a more put together the bathroom redesign.

 Finally, start decorating the room by putting up the trim. The trim is the cherry on top of any bathroom renovation because it adds the final touch of detail that makes the space feel complete.

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