Silver Script Reader Job List: Job List for Script Readers

Posted May 11, 2021 12:14:17As the silver screen continues to grow and the silver dollar continues to soar, one job is being advertised for a script reader, and it’s looking to hire someone who’s experienced with the Japanese script.

According to the job listing posted by the company, which is looking for someone who “has been a script writer or script reader for over 15 years, who has worked with directors of photography, film composers, sound design, costume designers, etc., as well as with directors in the production of film and television.”

The posting notes that this job posting is being done “with the understanding that you would not be considered a full-time employee if you are a script-writer or script-reader.”

However, it doesn’t specifically mention the type of job.

The listing also notes that it is looking to recruit people with a background in Japanese and English script.

The posting is dated May 9 and lists the job posting title as “A Script Reader in Production.”

The listing has been posted by script-reading company Script Reader.

According to the listing, this is an “independent” company that has been “advertising” script-readers.

Script Reader is offering a $35,000 salary.

The job posting also notes it is “looking for experienced, fast, and able script-writers/script-readners, with a strong background in both Japanese and english.”

It states that the company is looking “for people with prior experience with both film and TV productions.”

The company’s website lists a listing from 2012 for the position of Script Reader, and the posting describes that position as “working on a production-sized film, or a production in the Japanese film industry.”

The job listing has also stated that the position is in “continuing development,” and it states that it would be able to hire up to four people per month.

However, the listing states that if the company has no more positions available for a specific position, it will be looking to fill a vacancy.

A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Script Reader was based in Japan. It is not.