When using bash script to create Google Sheet, Google says script variables aren’t necessary

Google is cracking down on scripts that have script variables in them.

The company has now updated the Google Sheet documentation on its site and also removed scripts that use the variable to refer to other scripts, like the Google Scripting Engine.

The change is welcome, but we suspect the new guidelines might have had more to do with Google’s focus on improving performance and reliability of its code.

We’re glad Google is looking into the problem, though.

The docs have been updated to reflect the change, and Google Scripts is no longer a requirement to use Google Script.

In the end, Google Script has never been a good idea.

It has a few limitations that make it less useful as a way to do simple calculations, and it requires you to be on the same page with your scripts when you call them.

It’s hard to imagine anyone using Google Script for anything more than simple calculations.

But in the interest of full disclosure, we used Google Script in our research for this article.

We did not include it as part of our script sample.