‘The New Yorker’ to release book about her life as a transgender woman: What she wrote and what she learned in the process

The New Yorker is planning to publish a book about being transgender in a bid to “open up” the publication’s readers to the transgender community, The New York Post has learned.

The book, called “The New York Woman,” will focus on Jane, who is a former Miss America contestant who has also worked in the entertainment industry, and will be published on Nov. 6 by Simon & Schuster, which will publish the first book of the transgender memoirs series, which includes “A Year in the Life of Jane Doe,” “A Girl Called Emily” and “A Boy Called John.”

The title is inspired by the title of Jane’s first memoir, “Jane,” written by the late New Yorker editor Amy Chua.

The book will be written by Chua, a former New Yorker reporter, and include a foreword by Chaya.

It’s the latest in a series of books that have been written by trans women in recent years, including “Transgender People in the American Imagination,” which has been hailed as the first comprehensive history of transgender people in America.

The new book, which is being co-written by the book’s author, will focus more on Jane and her life.

Jane, who has spoken about her transgender experience before, wrote the book in 2015.

In that book, she shared stories about her mother and her father, her first kiss, her transition from a man to a woman and how she changed her name from Bruce Jenner to Jane.

In “The Manhattan Girl,” which she wrote in 2015, Jane spoke about her experience as a young trans woman who was bullied and harassed in high school.

She wrote that she began to self-medicate with marijuana, which she also smoked as a way to cope with the bullying.

She described a time when she went on a date with a man who was also trans and later had a sexual encounter with him.

“I had no idea what was going on in my life, except for that one night, the guy who was trans, and the next morning, he told me he had never been sexually assaulted by anyone and that I had just made a terrible mistake,” she wrote.

“And, yes, that was a mistake.”

“The New Yorkers Girl” will be based on interviews with Jane, her mother, her sisters, her parents, a friend, her brother and her friends.

She will discuss her transition, her childhood, and her transition in New York City and in Florida.

“Jane” is expected to be available in October.

“I’m just thrilled to be writing this book, I’m excited to be talking about it and I’m going to make sure that I tell the story as honestly and as candidly as I can,” she said.