Trump: ‘It’s a very sad day’ when ‘a very sad woman’ is fired from film project

The film studio that produced the upcoming James Bond movie Spectre has fired a leading woman in the project, writing on social media that the actress is “a very good person and a very brave woman” and is being let go.

“We wish to express our deepest sympathy to Ms. Farrow,” the statement said.

“Her departure is a very, very sad moment for the Bond franchise and the franchise as a whole.

Spectre is a fantastic project, and we have a great team working on it.

But this is a tough time and it is important to take time to process this.

We wish to thank her personally for all she has done.”

Spectre director Sam Mendes is leaving the project.

The film is being developed by Skydance and directed by Sam Mendis.

Spectre opens Friday.