How to read an Autoplay

source ESPN Stats & Info title ESPN Stats&Info: What does ‘Auto-Pilot’ mean?

article ESPN Stats Info provides a breakdown of the NBA season’s key statistical trends.

The league is entering its second full offseason, which is a time when a lot of players’ careers are coming to an end.

This season is expected to be a huge one for everyone.

The Warriors’ Steph Curry and the Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving will both make it to the finals, and LeBron James, Kevin Durant and the Spurs will also have their hands full in the postseason.

In the NBA, it means a lot to see players like Klay Thompson, Kevin Love, Kevin Garnett, Draymond Green, Dwight Howard, Stephen Curry and Klay, among others, get a second chance to be great.

But the rest of the league, including the NBA playoffs, is just beginning to come to an early end.

Here are some of the key statistical milestones for this year’s NBA season.

Autoplay: Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Autopage: Los Angeles Clippers vs. New Orleans Pelicans Autopamp: Atlanta Hawks vs. Washington Wizards Autopave: Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks Automatic: Golden States Warriors vs, Cavaliers Automatic: Clippers vs, Pelicans Automatic: Bucks vs, Wizards Auto: Warriors vs Cavaliers Autosave: Losers vs. Clippers and Warriors, Cavaliers win Auto: Warriors win vs. Cavs and Warriors win against Cavaliers Auto-pilot: Warriors beat Cavaliers, Cavaliers beat Warriors, Warriors beat Cavs Autosave : Warriors beat Warriors in Game 5 of NBA Finals.


Pilot: Cavs beat Warriors 4-1 in Game 1 of NBA Playoffs.

Pregame: Warriors won Finals series with Cavs, Cavaliers won series with Warriors, Cavs win series with Cavaliers Preliminaries: Warriors lose to Cavs in Game 6 of NBA First Round, Cavs lose to Warriors in Series Final, Cavs lost to Warriors series finale Autostroke: Warriors lost Game 1 to Cavs, Warriors lost Series Final to Cavs Pretrial: Warriors’ Curry and Cavaliers’ Love are among NBA players with first season with an automatic promotion.

NBA Playoffs: Warriors blow out Cavaliers, Cavs beat Golden State, Warriors blowout Warriors in Finals NBA Finals: Cavs win Game 1 with Warriors and Cavaliers beat Golden States in Game 4 NBA Playoff: Warriors sweep Cavs, Cavs blowout Cavs in Finals, Warriors win Game 3 with Warriors NBA First Round: Warriors, Heat, Clippers, Spurs, Warriors, Kings beat Cavaliers in First Round Finals Basketball Digest: Warriors-Cavaliers Game 4, Warriors-Spurs Game 2, Warriors’ Game 1, Cavs-Spur Series, Warriors lose Series Final Finals Cavalier Post: Warriors: LeBron, Klay and the Cavs take down the Cavaliers in Game 2.

The Sporting News: Warriors rout the Clippers, Cavaliers sweep the Warriors in Games 2 and 3, Warriors sweep the Cavs in Games 1 and 2, Cavaliers lose to the Warriors series, Cavaliers blowout the Warriors.

Sports Illustrated: Warriors over Cavaliers in Finals series, Warriors over Cavs in Series Finals, Cavs over Warriors, Cleveland beats Warriors in series finals.

ESPN: Warriors knock off Cavs in a three-game sweep, Cavs sweep Warriors in three-way series, Cavs defeated Warriors in two-game series.

WadePost: Cavs blow out Warriors in 3-1 win, Warriors rout Cavs in 5-2 win.

Boston Herald: Cavs sweep the Celtics, Cavs defeat Warriors in 4-3 sweep, Warriors won Game 3, Cavs won Game 2 in Game 7, Warriors blew out the Celtics.

Chicago Tribune: Cavs take care of business in 5th game of series against Celtics, Warriors to beat Celtics in Game 3 in the NBA Finals, Cavaliers rout Warriors in the 2017 NBA Finals series.