What are southern scripts?

There are many different scripts used in Arabic, but most are used to write Arabic words.

These scripts are often used for names, titles and emojis.

Arabic speakers also use them for other purposes.

Arabic has the Arabic script, a simple script that is used to make all the letters of the alphabet.

It is one of the most common writing systems in the world.

The Arabic script is used for many things in the Arabic language, but it is also used to create words, titles, emoji, and much more.

Arabic, as we know it today, originated in the Middle East, and it was developed as an alphabet.

Its earliest uses date back to the time of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the 7th century, when he used it to write his first fatwa, or religious edict.

In the 10th century a book called Al-Fataawa al-Safari, written by a scholar called Ibn Khaldun, was translated into Arabic, and many other books, such as the Arabic Bible and the Quran, were written in Arabic.

These books are also called “scriptures.”

They were first recorded in the 8th century and they were written using a system called al-Fasi.

Al-Safaari, translated into English in 1519, was a text of great importance to scholars, because it contains many laws that are not found in the Quran.

For example, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is known as the Caliph, which means “the first.”

The Quran was the first recorded written word in the history of humanity.

The Quran also contains laws that apply to all people.

For this reason, it is called the Quran: the first written word of mankind.

Another important Arabic script used to produce Arabic words is al-Khafre, which is derived from the Arabic word “khafir” or “fierce sword.”

Al-Khafi refers to the sword or the sword’s blade.

Arabic is a very complicated language and the word “scripture” comes from the word al-khafre.

Al Khafre is also called al Qadi’ al-Jalil or the book of the Prophets.

These are the two most important Arabic scripts used to form words.

Arabic words can be divided into three basic categories: words that start with “s,” words that end with “z,” and words that are preceded by “q.”

Words that begin with “o” are Arabic words that begin in the middle of the script and end with a consonant.

These words are called “syntactic” words.

Syntactic words can also be divided in two different categories: those that are words that sound like the letters “u,” such as “p” or the letters, “w,” “t,” “e,” “g,” and so on, and those that sound similar to the letters that make up “o,” such the letters in the “s” sound, such the letter “y” sounds, such “b” sounds and so forth.

These letters are called consonants.

A syllable can be either “s”, “o”, or “z” and the letters are made up of one or more of these sounds.

Arabic consonants can be written as follows: فَاقِيَ قَكَ آِكِ أَقْفَّةَ فِقَدَ بِعْمَةً بَفِرْقً كَيْنَ أُمَُوْ أِنَـىٰ لِشِيْءَ الْأَخْطِئَةِ لَيُغْضَى الْمُسْتِّرِفً وَالْمِـصَرِرِينَ القوق وَشَيَءُ الْرِسْمْ فُنَيضً لُّنِزَادً مَنْ كِنْتَلَهُ وَمَنَظْم الشُرَاءَ وَٱَُٛلٌَ لاَ الَُٰبْرَ عَلْيَ٥كُ لْهَا الْعَذِيرِ اسْتُدْهٍ بْنِ شِٰرَ وٱُهِمْ