A look at all the scripts that were released on the internet on December 29, 2016

Hindi film script, gangster script and movie script have been the subject of a spate of hacking attacks in recent days.

The latest of which, reported to have been launched on December 28, 2016, targeted the popular movie script and the gangster-script alphabet in a series of tweets.

The Twitter account, which appears to belong to a group called Jaish-e-Mohammed, claimed responsibility for the attack.

The tweets were accompanied by a photograph of a man who appeared to be wearing a mask and carrying a pistol.

The caption read, “One day India will rise as a nation with one nation, one language, one culture.”

The Twitter feed was soon deleted, but an archived version of it is available on the Pastebin website.

The first attack targeted a film script by director Anupam Kher and the second targeted a gangster film script.

The third attack was launched on Twitter, with the actor Shahid Kapoor and actor Akshay Kumar sharing an image of a group of people on the streets.

The tweet said, “Akshay Kapoor’s character has to go through the ordeal of the real world.”

The actor and actor shared the same photo.

It was later claimed that the attack was staged by Jaish’s “cyber security team”.

The actors are not the only actors to be targeted by the attacks.

In another tweet, actor Shah Rukh Khan was tagged with the hashtags #Ars Technica, #Aaronson and #Kiran Bedi.

In a second tweet, Bollywood actress Irrfan Khan was targeted.

“The cyber security team of the cyber terrorist outfit Jaish (sic) is behind the hacking,” the tweet read.

The attackers are believed to have hacked into the accounts of the popular Hindi movie script writer A.K. Gautam and the movie script actor Ramesh Bhattacharya.

The hackers claimed to have managed to steal the passwords of the actors’ accounts.

“We are the cyber terrorists, we are doing this for revenge,” one of the Twitter users claimed.

“You can’t win against us.

We are a powerful force,” the Twitter user said, adding that the attacks had been launched to “show the Indian government that the world is against them”.

Jaish is a Mumbai-based organisation that claims to be behind the attacks on prominent actors like actor Shahrukh Khan, actor Deepika Padukone and actor Amitabh Bachchan.

Jaish claimed that they had hacked into accounts belonging to many celebrities and celebrities’ relatives.

In March, a group led by a member of Jaish allegedly hacked the accounts and posted the passwords for thousands of celebrities and relatives of the top-level leaders of Indian cricket team.

In April, Jaish said that it had hacked the email accounts of top cricket players.