‘The Hangover’ actor who played a rabbi on ‘The Office’ dies in hospice

A longtime friend of “The Hangout” star Michael Douglas has died, and a representative for the actor confirmed the news to MTV News.

The actor, who played Rabbi Jonathan Zinn in the sitcom, passed away Tuesday at the age of 67.

Douglas, who grew up in New York, was best known for his role as Michael Hutz in the comedy series “The Office” before moving to Hollywood and playing Rabbi Jonathan Hutz, who is also the head of the community’s rabbinical council.

He also had roles in the “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” and “The Sopranos.”

The “The Voice” actor and the rabbi were close friends.

“Michael and I met through his brother and I used to go to his synagogue once a week, and we went to his wedding once a month,” Douglas’ brother, Mark Douglas, told MTV News in a statement.

“We both love and respect each other.”

“I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since I last saw him, and I can’t even believe it was just over the weekend,” he added.

“I miss him every single day, but I’m not surprised at all that I have to tell you.

He was my brother.

I was just so excited to see him this weekend, and now that he’s gone, I’m devastated.”

The actor’s friend and co-star Michael K. Williams, who plays Zinn on the sitcoms, said the actor passed away.

“There was a lot going on in his life, but it was his brother, and Michael had to step in,” Williams said.

“He loved his brother.

Michael was a true man of faith and I know his thoughts are with his family.”

Douglas has not been seen publicly since he was in the midst of filming “The Last Five Years” in 2016, but he has tweeted about his experiences in the years since.

“A true friend of mine and a great friend,” he tweeted in June.

“My heart is broken to see my dear friend gone.

I will miss him and the community of ‘The Haters’ for a lifetime.

He will be missed.” “

But for the past two years, I’ve been trying to figure out what I can do to support him in his time of need, and that is what I’ve decided to do.

He will be missed.”

“Haters” stars Zach Galifianakis and Rachel McAdams have all said in the past that they will miss the comedian, but they haven’t shared much about what Douglas has been up to since his retirement.

Galifyanakis tweeted a photo of Douglas with the caption, “We’ve seen him a million times and he was one of the best.”

McAdams tweeted, “My brother, my brother and the Haters have seen him hundreds of times and will always love him.

We love you brother!”