Girls script template for robots

LAS VEGAS — Teens are being trained to use a new script-writing platform that lets them create their own scripts, which are then sent to robots.

Teachers and educators at the Girls Scripting Lab, which is located in downtown Las Vegas, have been experimenting with using the tool for about three years, and the first batch of scripts has been sent to more than 200 robots.

The scripts are for the characters in a popular animated series that was created by Roald Dahl, the author of “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

They are being sent to Roald, who is a member of the Science Fiction Writers of America, which says it has a policy of not publishing scripts written by non-residents.

Roald told the Associated Press last week that the script-making platform was an “experiment” that he and his daughter had been experimenting on for a year and that the robots have been using it for several months.

Roalde told the AP he plans to open up the platform to anyone who wants to work on their own script.

Roalald said the robots will be able to learn from the scripts and improve on them.

He said that while the script is being developed, Roald will be using the platform for teaching scripts, but there will be no scripts created by robots.

“I will create and then teach the scripts in my house,” he said.

Roaldo said he plans on using the script tool to teach girls about writing and storytelling.

“Girls are really good at writing and creating stories.

And the scripts will be like a template for them,” Roald said.

The robots will then be sent to a script studio to create the script, and Roald plans to teach the robots about how to write and write well.

He also said the script studio will be located in a downtown mall, so the robots can stay at home and not worry about traffic and weather.

The girls scripts will then go into a classroom, where they will be sent off to their school and then to Roalalde’s house to write.

Roalfald said he expects the robot script company will eventually be able, through Roald’s script lab, to make scripts for people who want to teach robots.

He is currently teaching robots how to use the script lab.