What’s the deal with the Tamil script? | Express Scripts

Express Script, the company behind the Tami script, says the Tamil script was produced by a company called Script in India.

However, Express Script has been accused of plagiarism, and is currently under investigation by the Copyright Office for trademark infringement. 

Express Script, which produces the Tamu script, claims Tami is the first Tamil script to be copyrighted in India, and claims the Tamili script is the second-most-copied Tamil script in the world. 

“The Tamili Script was the first to be published in the Indian language and, after its release, its usage is still growing. 

The Tamile script is an extremely beautiful script and was written by a master in Tamil language, Sri Ramakrishnan.

It was a highly-acclaimed script in India and has been a household word in Tamil speaking countries, especially India,” Express Script said in a statement. 

However, the Tamile Script is not a Tamil script.

The Tamile language is a language in Sri Lanka that is spoken by approximately 500,000 people, but the Tamilia language is not the language spoken by the Tamil people in India (Tamil is an Indo-European language). 

Express has not responded to Fox Sports’ request for comment.

Tamil script is not owned by any person, and was originally used by the government in the 1940s and 50s. 

In a recent interview with Reuters, Tamil author and actor Prabhakar Gajanan was asked if he thought the Tamils script was copyrightable, and he replied that he does not think so.

“The Tamil language is an ancient language, it is a part of the culture of Sri Lanka, and Tamils language is owned by the state of Sri Lankan,” he said.

“I don’t think it is an infringement, I think it’s a contribution to the development of the language.”

Gajanan, who is now retired, also spoke about the Tamilies script being copyrighted.

“We have an ancient Tamil script, we have the Tamilian script and it is copyrightable.

I think this is a contribution.

If we can do something similar, it would be a wonderful thing,” he told Reuters.

Gajanth said that he would prefer the Tamiles script to the Tamille script because he believes that it is easier to understand.

“Tamil language, as a part and parcel of our culture, I would like it to be a part part of our national heritage and we need to give it that,” he added.

The Tamille is the name of the first language spoken in Sri Lankand, and it was originally written in the script used by Tamils in the late 1500s.

However it was changed to Tamil by the British after independence. 

According to the Tamil language website dhammikarti.com, there are around 50,000 Tamil script documents on the internet, and a vast majority are used in Tamil schools. 

Tamil has its own official website, which has over 2,500 Tamil script pages. 

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