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What are the terms of the WWE scripted wedding ceremony?

The WWE scripted marriage ceremony is a scripted wedding in which both the groom and bride are officiated by the WWE talent of the opposite sex, and are expected to perform an emotional performance.

The ceremony can be scripted to include special events such as a wedding reception, or the bride and groom can just be seated together and enjoy a meal, and be invited to a wedding or a reception.

You can watch the script of the wedding ceremony in the box above.

Is it scripted?


The wedding ceremony is scripted by the talents of the other half of the pair, and the performers of both sides are expected be present.

The two sides are also expected to hold a mock wedding reception at a later date, with both sides acting as the hosts and guests of the ceremony.

Will there be any special guests at the wedding?

Yes, guests can be invited.

There will be a wedding guest who will act as the bride’s mother, or mother-in-law, and will also act as a officiant.

Who is the groom?

The groom will be the father of the bride.

Is this a scripted marriage?


It is a non-wedding ceremony, so there is no special guests.

Is there any type of ceremony?


The scripted wedding will feature the bride being escorted to the groom’s house by a couple of people, as well as the groom himself.

The couple will walk around the house and hold a special ceremony for the bride, with the couple dancing and dancing and singing.

Will the wedding reception be at a venue?

Yes The scripted ceremony is hosted at the venue where the wedding was scripted to take place, with guests dancing and performing for the audience.

Will guests attend the wedding celebration?

Yes guests can attend the ceremony and also attend the reception.

What type of reception is planned?

The wedding reception is to be held at a private venue, which may include the groom as well, but the wedding event will take place at a wedding venue.

Will a wedding ceremony take place in the home of the groom or at a place that is less intimate?

Yes the wedding will take the place of a traditional wedding.

The groom and the bride will be seated separately, and their reception will be held in the house of the guests.

How many people can attend?

The scripted married couple is supposed to have at least three guests.

Who are the guests?

The guests will be invited by the performers.

Will all of the couples guests have to be the same age?

Yes yes, guests will have to have the same physical appearance, and to be 18 years old.

Will they have to go through the same ceremony?

No the wedding is not scripted.

What is the ceremony like?

The ceremony is typically a couple-kissing, dance, and then a formal wedding reception with a dance and a song, according to

Is the groom officiated?

Yes he will be.

Does the groom have to sing or dance?

Yes there will be some singing and dancing in the ceremony, but no singing and/or dancing is allowed.

The bride and her mother- in-law will be also singing and performing in the reception, but their presence in the wedding room is not expected to be as special as the wedding itself.

The venue of the rehearsal will be determined at the time of the actual wedding ceremony.

Is a wedding held at an event that is broadcasted?

Yes Yes.

Guests will attend the rehearsal of the reception at the home or private venue where they are supposed to be seated, and at the event that they are expected and invited to attend.

What kind of event is broadcast? is the broadcast platform that broadcasts the scripted wedding.

What can I do if I want to be part of the scripted event?

If you want to attend the scripted ceremony, you can watch it live on WWE.TV or watch it on WWE’s app.

You also can participate in the online wedding with the WWE.

In addition to the scripted live event, WWE.

Tv. also broadcasts scripted weddings, such as weddings for the WWE Hall of Fame. broadcasts scripted wedding events, including scripted weddings for WWE Hall, WWE Divas Championship, and WWE Tag Team Championship titles.

The scripted weddings are broadcasted to millions of people worldwide.

What does WWE mean when they say they’re going to broadcast scripted events?

WWE is the world’s largest company and its television network, WWE, is the largest pay-per-view company in the world.

The WWE broadcast network has become the largest company in cable television, and its broadcast is considered a big part of TV.

If you’re watching WWE live, you are participating in the WWE’s scripted events.

Can you watch scripted events on my phone?

Yes you can.

You need to be on your mobile phone and the WWE app to be