Why the ABC and the ABC Media Network are doing the wrong thing in the digital age

Posted by Tony  on March 10, 2019 08:02:53The ABC and ABC News Network have long faced criticism for the way they cover the major political events and major social issues.

There is a strong argument to be made that the ABC is not an impartial and free-wheeling news organisation.

A major news source is not a neutral and unbiased source, as is evidenced by the fact that the network’s coverage of the recent Government reshuffle was largely dominated by the Government’s media strategy, and the media coverage of this episode was mostly of the Government.

ABC management has not managed to make its news programmes more inclusive, which is the ABC’s stated mission.

It is the duty of the news organisation to be neutral, and that includes coverage of social and political events.

The ABC has not been transparent about the extent of the coverage of events in the lead-up to and during the reshuffle, and it is not clear what information is being released to the public.

In a recent interview with ABC Radio National, ABC managing director of news and current affairs Mark Scott said that the corporation’s coverage had not been “completely transparent”.

“There’s been a lack of transparency,” Scott said.

“We’re not going to be the only ones who have this, and I think it’s a matter of time before the public gets the full picture.”

The issue is not just about what’s being reported, but what is being reported and how.

While the ABC has been transparent in the past, the network has failed to be as transparent as it should be about its coverage of key events.

The ABC’s decision to not release the full extent of its coverage during the Government reshuffling was not only disappointing, it was damaging.

Scott said that ABC executives have been working hard to “make sure that we deliver the news that we can, and then the public can trust that we’re delivering that”.

This week, Scott announced that the Corporation would be rolling out a new digital strategy to “enhance the ABC” and improve the network in a bid to “meet the demands of the digital era”.

What is the Digital Strategy?

In 2016, the ABC launched its Digital Strategy to “reduce the cost of the ABC Newsroom and its digital operation and to create a platform for the ABC to deliver more local and regional news and information to the community”.

The plan includes: “enhancing the ABC Digital operations to support local and community journalism, digital content and news services, digital programming, new content and platforms and more.”

ABC managing director Mark Scott says the ABC will deliver more “local and regional” news and “a more comprehensive and balanced approach to social and economic issues”.

Scott announced that he was also “exploring the possibility of creating a digital platform for local and indigenous content”.

In March, Scott told ABC Radio 3AW that the digital strategy will deliver “a wider range of news, information and analysis across a broad range of subjects”.

But what does the digital platform mean?

The Digital Strategy was designed to deliver a “more comprehensive andbalanced approach to news and analysis”.

According to Scott, “we are looking to deliver content across the board”.

We will now be delivering the full range of ABC content across a wide range of topics, including the ABC Business and Markets news, regional and national news, arts and culture, science and technology, and health and wellbeing.

This includes breaking news, investigative and fact-based journalism, social and cultural issues, and “news that has the potential to change how Australians view, live and work in the 21st century”.

While there has been some improvement in the quality of the content delivered to the ABC, the strategy has not made up for the lack of accountability, transparency and accountability that has long existed within the ABC.

On the ABC website, there is a “Newsroom” section, but there is not much information about the digital content that will be delivered to newsrooms across Australia.

What does it mean to “be transparent”?

The ABC can only be transparent about what it does and what it says.

We do not need to be “open about our failings”.

However, the “in-depth and balanced” approach that Scott and his team are proposing is “not transparent”.

This is why it is so disappointing to see the ABC not releasing information on the reshuffled Government, its plans for the economy, and its response to the crisis in the media industry.

Given that the Government has made several announcements on a number of issues, including an increase in the minimum wage and a cut in the carbon tax, it is likely that the public will be asked questions about the Government in the coming weeks.

If the ABC does not provide information about what information it is releasing, then it is difficult to believe that the general public will trust the ABC in