I don’t like you, and I’ll show you why on Roblox

By Jennifer Mascaro/CBC News More than a dozen people have been charged with trafficking in children under the age of 14 after an investigation by CBC News found they were using Roblix to distribute child pornography.

The Roblax team that produced the ads said in a statement they “had no idea” that anyone would find the content on their site.

“We take all allegations of our platform, including content that is illegal, seriously and will take appropriate action, including terminating accounts of people we believe to be engaging in child pornography,” the statement read.CBC News reached out to the Roblex team for comment.

But in a blog post posted on Monday, the team said they didn’t know the extent of the allegations and didn’t comment on specific cases.

“We are in the process of reviewing our advertising policies and practices and will share any further information with our community,” the post read.

In one case, Roblx employees say they were contacted by a parent who claimed to have been duped into downloading child pornography from Roblux.

The parent then sent RoblX an email that said the content was on the RoBLX Marketplace.

RobliX did not immediately respond to requests for comment from CBC News.

The charges against the alleged producers are separate from one by a Canadian law enforcement agency, who accused two Roblus of trafficking in the distribution of child pornography, including the video of a 15-year-old girl being abused by a gang member.

A Roblion employee says the RoBlix staff had not been involved in any of the abuse.

Roblix says it has removed more than 2,000 content takedowns over the last year, most of which were flagged as child pornography based on complaints from victims, according to the company.

The Globe and Mail contacted the Roquemaux, the alleged traffickers, for comment and they did not respond.