The Script Songs: Angelic Script Fonts for Tattoo Scripts

On January 1, 2018, the National Tattoo Association (NTA) announced the launch of a new font family called “Angelic Scripts.”

It’s a font family that’s designed to work with any tattoo and offers the flexibility of a full-size script font that can be used on a tattoo or a letterpress print.NTA CEO, Karen Storrs, told Business Insider in a recent interview that the font family has been designed with the tattoo industry in mind.

In fact, she says, it’s designed specifically for tattoo artists and tattoo artists who want to create their own scripts.

It’s a new direction for NTA, she said.

The organization’s long been known for its tattoo fonts, which have been used on tattoo artists since the early 2000s.

NTA is trying to find a way to build a new and unique font family, which she believes will attract more artists to the industry.

“There’s a lot of really good tattoo artists out there, and it just feels really good to be able to offer that type of font family to them,” Storris said.

“This new font will be designed specifically with tattoo artists in mind,” she added.

“It’s just a new approach to the tattoo font family.

We wanted to create something that was designed specifically to be a tattoo font.”NTA said that Angelic will be available for sale in its catalog, and that tattoo artists will be able use it on any tattoo, letterpress or inkjet print they need.

It will also be available on any inkjet printer.

“We wanted to give people an opportunity to design their own tattoos with this font,” Stasorrs said.

“We really want to bring tattoo artists, tattooists who have tattooed, to our platform to use this font and customize their designs.

And it will be in print.

It’s just really important for us to make it as accessible as possible.”

Storrs has been in charge of the NTA’s tattoo business since 2011, and she is looking to expand and improve its services in the future.

In that time, she’s seen the growth of tattooing in the U.S. and worldwide, and said the demand for tattoos is on the rise.

“I see tattoos, especially on women, as a new generation, and they want to wear their tattoos to show their love and commitment,” she said, noting that there’s a growing number of tattoo artists from across the country.

“The tattooing industry is seeing this really rapid growth in the United States, and we need to help make sure that it stays strong and continues to grow,” she continued.

“So we want to give our tattoo artists a font that’s built to last, to give them the flexibility to customize and tailor their designs to suit their needs.”

Storiches, a tattoo artist who has been doing tattoos for 15 years, said she has found the font to be easy to work and uses in her business, and the price point was reasonable.

“I love it, I love the fonts, and I love how it’s a great option for tattooing,” Storiches said.

She says it’s easy to use and easy to customize.

“This font is easy to read, it has great contrast and a beautiful font.”

She said it was a big step forward for the tattooing business.

“As a tattoo studio, we do not get paid by tattoo artists to do their work, so this font is an incredible option for them,” she told Business Wire.

Storicas’ tattoo company, The Tattooed Pencil, also supports the font.

“The Tattoo Pencil has been a huge supporter of NTA since day one, and will be the only company to purchase and ship this font, providing NTA with a great opportunity to build an even more sustainable industry for tattoo studios,” said co-founder Scott McLeod.

“In addition, NTA has the best tattoo font, and this is the only font we will ever sell to any tattoo artist.”

Tattoo artist Chris Foy, who has done tattoos for almost 20 years, also thinks the font is a good choice.

“When you’re working with a tattoo, you want to have a beautiful tattoo font,” Foy said.

“[It’s] a great choice for tattoo design.”

Foy added that the NIA’s font family is a great starting point for tattoo designs, since they’re all geared toward tattoo artists.

“If I can design a tattoo design with a font like this, I can make the design look great on a letterhead,” he said.

Nina Cisneros, the CEO of the New York State Department of Health, also sees the font as a great addition to tattoo fonts.

“Tattoos are so unique and they have such a high demand for the tattoos,” Cisners said.

Her agency,