‘Game of Thrones’ season 5 trailer: The last big battle?

A trailer for the upcoming season of “Game of the Thrones” has dropped, but it doesn’t seem to have the same feel as the final product.

Instead, the trailer seems to feature a whole lot of static footage and a few clips of the series’ most popular characters, and it shows the final battle taking place in a small forest, before the battle with Oberyn Martell’s army of wildlings.

The scene is shot in a manner that makes it seem as if the fight is taking place somewhere on the continent of Westeros, but there’s nothing in the trailer that suggests it’s going to be anywhere close to the continent.

It also doesn’t give any indication that this is a “major” battle, but if that’s what we’re getting, it’s still disappointing.

As the trailer indicates, Oberyn and his army of Wildlings are attempting to capture King’s Landing, but the castle walls aren’t much thicker than the castle itself.

That’s not a big problem for a show like “Game Of Thrones,” but it’s an obvious and worrisome oversight for a movie that is about the struggle for Westeros.

It’s possible the film was trying to get the audience’s attention with the trailer, but this seems a bit more than that.

It’s possible that the trailer is just a preview of the final showdown, and that the characters will be in the movie as a whole, but that’s not the case.

The trailer is set to debut on February 25.

Watch a new trailer for “Game OF the Thrones,” featuring Oberyn, below.

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