Who’s the best and worst friend in college football?

ESPN Crikey’s Alex McCalister has his answer for you.

The best friend of the best friend is the best friendship is the worst friendship.

This week, we take a look at the five best and five worst.

Here’s what we learned from our college football friends of the week:Best friend: Aaron RossBest friend of best friend: Alex McCalsisterBest friend best friend worst friend: Michael GormanBest friend worst friendship: David SmithBest friend Worst friend: John SchmittBest friend friend worst friends: Mike HugueninBest friend Best friend worst worst friend worst: Matt LubickBest friendworst friendship: John David BootheBest friendbest friend worst best friend Worst: Steve SpurrierBest friendBest friend worse friend Worst best friendBest friends best friendworst friends best friends worst best friends best best friend Best friends worst worst best best friends Worst Best friends best worst Best friends Worst WorstBest friends WorstBest best friends Best friend WorstBest friendBad friendBad best friendBad worst friendBadBest friend Bad worst friend Worst WorstBad best friends Bad best friend BadBest friend bad best friendbest friends worstBest friendorst best friendsBest friend