‘Rocker, you’re a liar!’ – Milan’s Rossoneri coach says

It’s been a tumultuous few days for Milan coach Alessandro De Marchi and his team, who are now at the centre of a FIFA investigation after a video showing a Milan player attacking a rival appeared on social media.

De Marchi, who was on the bench when the footage was taken, said he has already received criticism for not calling an ambulance on the player who was subsequently charged.

He also admitted to being angry at the players for being in the position to commit the offence.

“If I was in the middle of a fight, I would call the ambulance,” De Marchio said.

“It’s something I would have done at any other moment, because I don’t understand that you should be punished for the behaviour of one player.

It’s my first year in the job. “

I’m disappointed.

It’s my first year in the job.

I was supposed to have won the title.

Now it’s like nothing happened.”

The clip was first uploaded to the social networking site last week, and it was quickly picked up by the news media and social media users.

On Sunday, De Marchia apologised to the player, who had been playing for the Parma side, but denied he had instigated the incident.

“I have always been angry,” De Maria said.

“This is my first time dealing with a player that’s been with me since the age of 16.

It was never my intention.””

When it happens, I apologize.

It was never my intention.”

It was not immediately clear how the video was obtained.