How to use the dafon script to trigger a script on the page

FIFA, the official club of football, has launched a tool to help its fans watch matches online.

The dafona script is used to automate the pre-match script that goes on every time a new match is scheduled.

This script is a bit different from the usual script that FIFA runs.

It allows fans to control the prematch script using a button, while the live score is displayed on the screen.

The dfont script allows fans and journalists to have full control over how the pregame script will be run.

The script can be run on a Windows PC or a Mac.

In the event of a tie between the sides, the preamble will be replayed and the game will then be re-played, depending on how the sides are tied.

In the current system, the tie can be rewound by a single button press.

The script has the ability to show live scores and a live video feed of every match, along with a number of other information.

The goal of this is to provide fans with the ability not only to watch the games, but also to see what is happening on the pitch.

It can also be used to set up your own pregame scripts.

It was initially announced by FIFA’s technical director Daniele Tommasini that the dfon script would be released later this year.