How to use JavaScript in Chrome extension

Chrome extensions are one of the easiest ways to use the new features of Chrome OS.

The extension developers, for example, are working on a Chrome extension that will allow you to use Google Maps and Google Earth without having to download any additional apps.

We’ll be covering the new functionality in the near future. 

But how do you actually use JavaScript?

The most common way is with the extension.

However, there are also some tools and frameworks that are available that you can use to write code that takes advantage of the new capabilities of ChromeOS.

In this article, we’ll walk through how to write JavaScript code for the Google Chrome Extension and how to use those tools to create a web-based dashboard that shows you data on the state of your city. 

First, we will be using a simple JavaScript extension called the Google Maps Web App.

The Chrome extension allows you to load maps directly from the Google Cloud Platform.

In order to use it, you need to have a Google Cloud account.

The API for this extension is a bit more complicated, however, and we’ll be going through it in more detail in a later article. 

The Google Maps extension allows for the following features: Map tiles can be used to mark locations on the map.

This is useful for getting directions to a destination.